Calculate Fleet SizeBased on the Regulation as of September 7, 2012

The regulation has difference compliance schedules and requirements based on fleet size. Fleet size is calculated by summing the maximum net, flywheel hp of all the equipment in your fleet that is subject to the off-road rule as of Jan 1 of a compliance year. The regulatory hp classes are:

The regulation's compliance schedule is driven by fleet size. You need to understand the implications of the "Permanent Low Use" and "Year-By-Year Low Use" exemptions because these exemptions could affect your fleet size class from year to year and your compliance requirements.

You also need to understand "Captive Attainment Area Fleet" which also could affect your fleet size and compliance obligations.

For details on these exemptions click on the "Permanent and Year-by-Year Low Use Equipment and Captive Attainment Area" box in the compliance chart.

There is a special compliance option for fleets with total hp of 500 or less. To use this option you cannot use the low use exemptions in calculating your total fleet hp.

How is fleet size determined for companies that own different subsidiaries where those subsidiaries control and operate their equipment completely independent from one another?

If the equipment is owned or managed by the same directors, officers, or managers, or by corporations controlled by the same majority stockholders, the equipment is treated as a single fleet (common ownership and control)

Can a fleet ever be split up for compliance purposes?

Yes. While fleet size is based on total fleet hp under common ownership and control, subsets of that fleet can demonstrate and report compliance separately. If the subsets (fleet portions) are dispatched and managed by different subsidiaries, divisions, or other organizational substructures of a parent entity, those subsets can demonstrate compliance separately from other parts of the fleet.