Excess Truck and Bus CreditsBased on the Regulation as of September 7, 2012

If you are subject to ARB's Truck and Bus Regulation you can use excess PM BACT credits (engines equipped with qualifying diesel particulate filter) generated under that regulation to meet Off-Road Regulation BACT obligations. However, the opportunity to use such excess credits is limited.

The reason is because the vast majority of vehicles subject to the Truck and Bus Regulation will have to meet PM BACT compliance by Jan 1, 2014 whereas the first compliance date under the Off-Road is the large fleet Jan 1, 2014 compliance date.

For details on Truck and Bus regulatory requirements see our Truck and Bus Compliance overview.

If you have or are considering the use of excess Truck and Bus PM Credits the amount of the credit is calculated as follows.

So for example, if you have three on-road vehicles subject to the Truck and Bus Regulation with engines equipped with DPFs not required by the Truck and Bus Regulation for a compliance date you would have an excess credit of 900 hp which you could apply to your Off-Road BACT obligation for that date.