Fleets With More Than 500 HPBased on the Regulation as of September 7, 2012

From the previous step you have calculated your fleet size and determined if you fleet qualifies for the special provision applicable to fleets with 500 hp or less. If it does not then must meet a series of complex regulatory requirements. The core requirements are summarized below.

  1. Fleet average emission rates. The regulation requires fleets calculate in-use fleet average emission rates and fleet average target emission rates. If the in-use rate is the same or lower than the target rate the fleet is in compliance for that year.
  2. Best available control technology (BACT). If a fleet fails to meet a fleet average target rate then it must meet BACT. BACT is defined as (1) retrofitting a piece of equipment with vehicle diesel emission control system (VDECS) verified by ARB to reduce PM, NOx or both; or (2) fleet turnover. Turnover is defined as retiring older equipment, designating it as permanent low use, or repowering with higher tier engine.
  3. Credits. The regulation establishes a variety of credits that can be used to meet BACT. Examples of credits include excess Truck and Bus compliance credits, credit for reduced hp, and credit for interim replacement. We will provide more detail on these credits under the "Calculate Credit" component of the regulatory compliance structure chart.