Meet BACT Obligation or Fleet Avg TargetBased on the Regulation as of September 7, 2012

From previous steps you have

You then need to determine if you have met your BACT obligation for a given year. This is fairly straightforward. You sum up the hp to which you intend to apply BACT for a compliance deadline. If you that hp equals or exceeds your hp obligation you are compliant for that compliance deadline, provided you complete your turnover and/or VDECS installations before that deadline.

If you have a small remaining BACT hp obligation remember that if your remaining BACT obligation is less than one-half the hp of nonexempt equipment then no further action is required. For example, say you have a 1,000 hp BACT obligation and you have identified BACT solutions for 930 hp that would leave an BACT obligation balance of 70 hp. If the smallest nonexempt equipment you have is more than 140 hp then you would not have to apply BACT to any additional equipment for that compliance year. The 70 hp obligation would then be added to your BACT hp obligation for the next compliance date.

Finally, before incurring any costs required to implement you BACT strategy you should rerun your fleet average calculations. It is possible that you could meet your fleet average target without applying BACT to your entire BACT hp obligation for a compliance date.