Meet Tier 2 Engine Phase In Schedule Starting 1/1/2019Based on the Regulation as of September 7, 2012

As an option to the regular small fleet compliance requirements, very small fleets with 500 hp or less can comply with the following compliance plan.

Compliance Date Jan 1 Percent of Fleet that Must Have Tier 2 or Higher Tier Engine
2019 25
2022 50
2026 75
2029 100

Be advised that rounding provisions are different here. Under the regular small fleet option you would be required to apply BACT to a piece of equipment if a remaining BACT hp obligation is one-half or more the hp any nonexempt piece of equipment. Under this option if you any obligation greater than zero would require you apply upgrade another machine to Tier 2 or higher until you equal or exceed your obligation.

For example, assume your total fleet hp is425 hp. By Jan 1, 2019 25% of that hp or 106.25 hp would have to be Tier 2 or higher. Say you replace a Tier 1 machine rated at 106 hp with a Tier 2 machine at 106 hp. That would leave an obligation of 0.25 hp. Under this option you be required to replace another Tie r0/1 machine until your obligation balance is zero or less.