PM BACT Phase In Based on Regulation Adopted on April 25, 2014

PM BACT Phase is option to the BACT By Model Year compliance path. Under this option rather than having to comply with PM BACT based on the vehicle engine model year, fleet owners are allowed to bring a percentage of the fleet into compliance with PM BACT each year. The percentages and compliance deadlines are given below.

PM BACT Schedule

Percentage of Fleet that Must
Have a DPF
Jan 1, 2012 30%
Jan 1, 2013 60%
Jan 1, 2014 90%
Jan 1, 2015 90%
Jan 1, 2016 100%

So for example, if you ten vehicles subject to PM BACT by Jan 1, 2013 six of your vehicle would have to comply. The advantage of PM BACT Phase In is that gives fleet owners the ability to decide which vehicles to retrofit first.

One the vehicle has DPF then it must meet the 2010 engine compliance schedule given in the BACT by Model Year discussion.

As indicated by the compliance chart, a variety of credits are available under this compliance path.

To use this option the credits available under this compliance path you need to report your entire fleet of heavier trucks.

ARB has an FAQ on this topic. Click on "Pm Filter Phase-in Option and Credits" at:
Truck and Bus Regulation Fact Sheets and Reporting Documents