Reduced Fleet Size Credit Based on Regulation Adopted on April 25, 2014

If your fleet of vehicles with a GVWR larger than 26,000 lbs is smaller on Jan 1, 2012, or may be smaller on compliance date than it was on since Oct 1, 2006 you can get credit for that reduction towards you PM BACT Phase-In obligations.

For example, if your fleet had 40 vehicles in 2006 and 30 vehicles on Jan 1, 2012 your PM BACT Phase In compliance obligations would change as follows.

Original % trucks that
must have DPF
Fleet Downsize
% of trucks that must
have DPF after credit
Jan 1, 2012 30% 25% 5%
Jan 1, 2013 60% 25% 35%
Jan 1, 2014 90% 25% 55%
Jan 1, 2016 100% 25% 100%

To use this option you would have to report your heavier trucks.

ARB has a FAQ on this topic. Click on "PM Filter Phase in Option and Credits" at:
Truck and Bus Regulation Fact Sheets and Reporting Documents